5 Useful Cydia tweaks for IPhone Users

Cydia tweak is well-known software for iOS that enables you to set up applications for devices that are jail broken previously. Latest Cydia tweaks and apps are mostly free for the user, however, due to immense demands and company policies; a few of them even have charges to be accessed. The name comes from a worm that invades the apple, which correlates to the Cydia’s function, i.e., to break through to the Apple iOS system.

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Useful Cydia tweaks for iPhone

Springtomize 3: Ranging in the best of the latest Cydia tweaks for iPhone 5 because it serves more than one function.Numerous functions that can be performed using this special little Cydia tweak include editing the Dock, notification bar, colors, and patterns of the screen as well as changing the customization of the lock screen. Well isn’t that one amazing and entertaining to have?

Weatherboard: If you’re a traveler or just enjoy knowing the near future or are simply prone to having precautions you need this weatherboard. This Cydia tweak will convert your screen into a personal weather updater. If there is rain, you shall have animated rain drops on the screen! The sun shall shine brightly on a sunny day and lightning will fall when there’s an incoming storm. Informational as well as amusing.

CustomMessages: We’d all be lying if we say we aren’t a bit bored of the usual texting screen and bubbles. This tweak lets us have full control over that problem. Not only can you change the background of the text screen, but you can edit the bubble shape, color, text size, and text color and text font to your own preference. That’s not all; you can also do the same to the texts you’re receiving. Say hello to a new text screen whenever you want!

Protecti: If you’re afraid that jailbreaking puts your device to risk, or that your data is too important to be lost as a result of an accident, you can use Protecti Cydia tweak. This ensures there’s a backup of all your data which you can recover if it’s lost. Furthermore, if you’re concerned about people poking their noses in your business you can also restrict access to some features like texts or pictures so that your data is kept private and safe.

RecognizeMe: This just takes it to a new level of protection. The Cydia tweak uses biometric systems to let you access your phone. No need for passcodes that you forget or are easily guessed. This just takes your picture every time you need to open it and matches it to the one you saved in the tweak before. Oh my, don’t we all need to look good all the time now?

Latest Cydia tweaks 2017 are changing the iPhone game forever with their exclusive features and astonishing ‘powers’. However, for users who still have iPhone 4 up their sleeve can use iPhone 4s Cydia tweaks such as HideMe7, Nitrous, and NoSlowAnimations and so on to have the same fun as iPhone 5 users.

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