How To Sync Cydia Apps With iTunes

If you are searching for how to sync Cydia apps with iTunes then this article is for you. In this article, we will learn the best method to synchronize Cydia apps with iTunes. Find out how to manage Cydia Apps on iTunes and even learn about backing up cracked apps to iTunes.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best procedure of synchronizing Cydia apps with iTunes. Here you will know about all backing up method of Cydia apps on your computer, how to manage them and you also know about backing up cracked apps directly to your iTunes.

First of all, you need to know the reasons to sync.

Backing up apps the main objective of sync and that’s the reason people sync apps from Cydia to iTunes in order to keep the back up. There are many Apple users want to sync cracked apps with iTunes but one thing you must remember that syncing or even downloading cracked apps is not recommended at all and but still this article is going to tell you about syncing regular and cracked apps as well. Now it would be your choice whether you want to sync cracked apps or not.

Sync Cydia Apps With iTunes

Sync Cydia Apps With iTunes

How To Sync Cydia Apps With iTunes

The problem is that I Tune doesn’t allow to sync regular Cydia apps and there is a very complicated reason behind this and this is the way all the Cydia apps are designed and packaged. Jailbreaking an iPhone, despite voiding your guarantee, will not prevent you from continuing to use most of the programs you’ve purchased through the iTunes App Store. Rather, the method gives an alternative application store, Cydia, for your telephone, which works alongside the official App-Store. Though jailbreaking itself won’t eliminate your old apps, the method may sometimes need you to restore the telephone’s operating system, pushing one to recover your apps from the copy or to re-download them.

Now the computer is the only option where you can keep the backup of Cydia apps and you can easily restore from there also. Yes, it is possible to add/remove Cydia apps to/from the iPhone with a computer based interface and you can do that by using free software but you cannot do it with iTunes.

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Syncing and backing up Cydia apps:

With a PC software you can easily back up and sync Cydia apps and the working method is almost same like iTunes. It allows you to brows, install and remove Cydia apps from computer and this software also allows you to back up and restore Cydia file also and that’s definitely a great feature of this type of free software. You might be feeling excited to know the name of this software. Well, the software is iPhone PC Suite and it is completely free. Just like iTunes, it allows you to manage all the Cydia apps from your computer and that’s the advantage of using this software.

Cracked Apps

Cracked applications which have been downloaded from Cydia or also called Installous can be backed up directly in iTunes. If you are a regular users then you know it but if not then note it.

  • Download Installous and install it.
  • Choose Options on the bottom of the Installous app. Select that slider which reads “iTunes Sync” to on.
  • Link the iPhone for the computer using the USB Cable. Open iTunes and initiate a sync. Apps will be synced and backed up to iTunes like these were official applications.

Now it’s time to know the procedure and this step by step guide will help you to know this-

The only thing you need is iPhone PC Suite.

  • First you have to install the PC Suite software with an installer and once it is installed then you should launch it.
  • Now you have to connect your iPhone using a USB and close the iTunes option if it opens automatically. iPhone PC Suite will automatically detect the iPhone and it will prompt you to take the back up. You must select everything on your iPhone including Cydia apps also.
  • Add or Remove apps: In this software you can select the apps on the left side and then you can add or remove the apps according to your choice.
  • Restore apps: Connect different iPhone and you will be guided to restore all the information.

Cracked apps which has been downloaded from Cydia can be also backed up in iTunes but only thing is required is AppSync or a patched mobile install file.

hope you liked this article on How to Sync Cydia Apps With iTunes and how to manage Cydia apps with iTunes. You will be able to download numerous apps that were available in iTunes App Store for free. Comment below if you need

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