Best iOS Tweaks to Get 3D Touch on iPhone

One of the highlights of the most current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus smartphones is the 3D Touch attribute that they come with. 3D Touch is one of the latest technology that Apple has implemented with iPhone 7. However, Apple has launched 3D Touch with iPhone 6, but they updated its codes with new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Here are some Best iOS Tweaks to Get 3D Touch on iPhone.

A pressure sensitive display was used in these phones that allow the phone to feel the amount of pressure exerted on the display and trigger actions accordingly. Users may use 3D Touch to invoke some shortcuts or quick actions by using the different amount of pressure.

However, 3D Touch requires those pressure-sensitive touchscreens, meaning it requires special hardware and cannot be ported to the elderly iPhones. If you are using older iPhone versions and want to use 3D touch then follow this guide.

In case you’ve jailbroken your iOS smartphone and are running iOS 8 to iOS 10, then you most certainly can get 3D Touch on iPhone.

Best 3D Touch jailbreak tweaks

Best 3D Touch jailbreak tweaks

3D Touch is the flagship new quality of Apple’s iPhone 6s handset. It’s a portion of the display that is capable of shooting forceful touches and performing tasks based on how firmly you are pressing, and Apple has done an excellent job creating a list of attributes throughout iOS that take advantage of this screen technology.

Best iOS Tweaks to Get 3D Touch on iPhone

But for the ones that feel iOS leaves a lot to be desired, the jailbreak community has produced a variety of new applications for 3D Touch, if your iPhone supports 3D Touch or not. And in this roundup, we’re going to show you some tweaks that we believe help enhance the 3D Touch experience on a jailbroken iPhone.

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3D Touch is capable of detecting the amount of pressure exerted on display and can perform tasks based on how firmly you press. 3D Touch is mostly used to see quick shortcuts of-of programs by doing a hard press on their icons. You can also do a gentle press on a specific content such as mail to get a fast preview, also called “Peek,” and hard press to open the selected mail, also known as Pop.

As always, Cydia developers have produced awesome tweaks that take 3D Touch beyond its limits. In today’s roundup, we are going to showcase the finest iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tweaks and programs for 3D Touch.


Appendix is very useful app allows users to access an app’s shortcut menu or preview a specific content. Users can 3D Touch a folder to view the first four apps and check the quick preview of that folder.


Brevis is all in one customization tool for 3D Touch menu. You can easily change folder size and icon size.


Cabbage is one of the best jailbreak tweak for 3D touch feature. With the help of this app, you c an activate 3D Touch gesture on a song to add it to the Up Next list.


Lautus is a third-party app consume a considerable amount of storage by caching data. Lautus is a jailbreak tweak for 3D Touch.


EasyClear lets you dismiss notifications badges on program icons, notifications from Notification Center and on your Lockscreen with a 3D Touch gesture.

With this tweak, you can use 3D Touch gesture on the various toggle switches and shortcut buttons in the Control Center so as to get things done quickly. For instance, when you perform a 3D Touch gesture on the Wi-Fi toggle, you’ll see a quick menu that lets you switch between available networks without needing to go to the stock Settings app.

Brevis: ($1.00) Brevis permits you to customize the appearance of the 3D Touch Quick Actions menu. You can hide the labels, adjust the icon size, change the text settings and more.

Lautus: (Free) Lautus enables you to clear caches of specific programs by adding a new Clear Cache alternative to Quick Actions menu.

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