Top 5 Installous Alternatives That Are Your Best

Although Installous was a fairly good software, it still has options that you can easily obtain and get going. Inside our quick roundup today, we will have a look at a number of the preferred alternatives to Installous as a possible download on your iOS products.

Before install alternatives, you, have to know that Installous continues to be the heart of numerous jailbreak ios people. However few years ago installous, Cydia needs to be shut down installous alternatives due to hosting and other problems and customers including me have not seen installous because today, I dont know whether installous is going to come back or not but I really do understand that it’s time to video on, there are lots of other installouses out there a.k.a installolus alternatives that get the work done for you, a lot better than installous and good than installous.

We are planning to inform you among them the most effective 3 installous choices of most time.These help ios 8, ios 8.1, ios 8.1.2, above and below iOS 8 with their updates, they’re now competent to run on iPhone and iPad,iPod details.

Cydia has a large database of paid applications that they offer at without charge. Installous also made by Cydia developers. Several iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch people jailbreak their iOS to acquire Installous source installed.

Top 5 Installous Alternatives That Are Your Best

It may be installed on iOS 6+ and enables users to get settled apps and activities at a free charge. But, now Installous isn’t anymore. Recently, has established they have been shut down because of hosting issues. Their hosting is broken where most of the repos and resources were stored now Installous repo and applications are removed. You are no more able to use it to set up paid programs.

Installous is a known source or application which is used to download paid apps for free, and it gained popularity among the jailbreak community, but the sad part is that Installous was shut down due to hosting issues which resulted in the loss of all tweaks and apps stored on their servers. Users who are used to Installous started searching for Installous alternatives. Installous used to have the largest database of paid application which users download no matter what you own iPhone, iPad or iPod Installous served many users and after its shut down many new applications came into existence and most of them named themselves as the best install alternative.

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As you can notice that there are many applications out there which will help you to download cracked applications. There are many applications, and you need a jailbroken i-Device to try out these installous alternatives. So to make things a lot easier we are writing this list of the best installous alternatives. So if you are the one who is searching for an alternative for installous so that you can enjoy paid applications and games for free, this list of top installous alternatives should be of help.

Note: – Cydia If you are willing to try the below mentioned installous alternatives you need a jailbroken i-Device Cydia installed on it. In any means, we are not promoting the piracy of the applications which indirectly cause a huge loss to the makers of the applications we advise you to try the applications, nd If you can afford them please buy them so that the application maker get benefited so that he will come up with many amazing applications.

Some Of The Best Installous Alternatives

The alternatives we listed below are tried by ourselves and they are handpicked from many applications while some might need a jailbroken device to install an application while some dont. You can add them directly on your jailbroken i-Device by adding their repositories to Cydia application. You can try them at your own risk and so let us know any problems via comments.

1. Vshare

Vshare is our first pick in our list of installous alternatives. We tested many applications and came to know that Vshare is one of the best installous alternative available out there with good forum support. Vshare helps you to download paid applications and games for free and in case if you are facing any problems you can post them in a forum which is answered by the professionals and senior members of the community so that you can get a quick solution. Vshare offers the same user experience as installous and if you are an installous user before you feel like being at home.


2. iFunBox

iFunBox is our next pick which is not only an installous alternative but also a good file manager which will help you manage files stored on your device. The best part is that you can install it on your Windows or Mac machine and use it to install applications on iPad or iPhone or transfer files between pc and device without using iTunes. iFunbox serves almost all cracked application which you will find in many other applications.

iFunbox Repository :-

3. AppCake

Appcake is another awesome installous alternative which is updated daily by adding new cracked applications and games. It can be termed as one of the best applications to installed cracked applications maintained by who are the developers of Appcake. Appcake is available in two versions one is normal version and the other is HD version for supported devices.

Appcake Repository:-

4. IPA Search

IPA Search is another great alternative to downloading cracked applications for free. The best part about IPA Search is that you can browse the site directly from your device and search for your desired applications and the site will return the best available IPA files which you can download and install right away.

5. IPA Installer Console

IPA Installer Console is our final pick in our list of 5 installous alternatives that are your best bet and it is one of the best alternatives which is available on all Cydia sources. By using IPA Installer Console you can also install unsupported applications on your device without any issues. You can install the applications from this source and you can stop the auto update feature of the particular apps by deleting the iTunesMetadata.plist which is a great way to enjoy cracked applications.

These are our Top 5 installous alternatives that are the best choice. Try them out and so let us know any Installous alternative which deserves a spot using the comment section below.

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