Starer Guide : How to Use Cydia

Cydia application is that reason that you jailbreak your iOS gadget. Individuals that commonly acquire jailbroken Apple iPhone or iPad, they discover Cydia application however they never troubled to consider it. When I got an Apple iPhone, 3 years back, I had no concept regarding Jailbreaking as well as unlocking. Later on, I learned about Cydia and installous, and I believe this guide will be helpful for newbies to learn how to use Cydia.

If you’re new to the iOS Jailbreaking and Cydia then read this article. We at mathrevolt decided to explain the in and outs of Cydia to aid novice users to get along well in their Jailbreaking journey!

Cydia has served like a metonym for Jailbreak, but at its key, Cydia is simply an App Store for downloading and managing new Jailbreak apps/tweaks. Apple doesn’t permit such 3rd party tweaks in its Appstore, so Jailbroken users have to resort to Cydia as a substitute App-Store. The only method to set up Cydia on your iPhone/iPad is to Jailbreak your iOS device.

So, before I continue with this tutorial, I recommend you to examine if your iOS tool is jailbroken or currently. In an instance, if you are thinking of advantages of jailbreaking your Apple iPhone, there are lots of as well as among them is you will certainly have the ability to set up numerous tweaks from Cydia, which will certainly supercharge your Apple iPhone and also iPad. There are many tweaks which are not available from App Store, and Cydia users can install those tweaks instantly.

How to use Cydia for Beginners: How to use Cydia

If you are not exactly sure your Apple iPhone has Cydia or otherwise, merely look for Cydia in Apple iPhone search or keep an eye out for this lovely photo on the right. Tap on it as well as for the very first time it will certainly require time to lots. You have to be hooked up to Net to make use of Cydia.

Cydia not just supplies complimentary tweaks, yet they additionally supply paid tweaks. I set up as well as acquired number of them like Screen display screen recorder & My Wi. I will certainly discuss Cydia account administration later on now, allows considering the functions of Cydia.

How to use Cydia

How to use Cydia

When you open Cydia, it will certainly begin refilling and also updates the Cydia resources. This could take little time relying on your network rate. As soon as, every little thing is filled, your Cydia house display will certainly resemble this:

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On the footer, you see 5 sections, which I will explain it here:

  • Section: Browse tweaks in the respective sections.
  • Changes: New tweaks and any upgrade is available for previously installed tweaks is shown here.
  • Manage: Add or remove sources.
  • Search: And most usable search feature to find any tweaks.
  • Now, you will need to manage account feature only when you are buying any app from Cydia. Though, for this tutorial sake, let’s keep it aside.

Using Cydia Sections

So, I will certainly begin revealing you every area one at a time and also, in the long run, will certainly include a video clip which provides you a trial of ways to utilize Cydia as well as various other parts, which I have described below.

Parts: This is a component, where you will certainly locate all the tweaks and also styles arranged particularly classification. This makes surfing tweaks under one area simpler. For instance, when you hunt for ring-tones or look for styles on Cydia.

Modifications: This part offers 2 objectives. If you have recently mounted tweaks from Cydia, it reveals if there is any upgrade offered and also it likewise reveals all aspiring tweaks contributed to Cydia, day sensible. By doing this, you could constantly discover brand-new Cydia changes when they are upgraded.

Take care of area: Currently, if you intend to do numerous awesome points with Cydia, you should include several brand-new resources. As an example, Installous or Sara could be set up utilizing certain repo and more. Additionally, you could un-install previously mounted tweaks utilizing take care of the area.

Look: Do you assume, I’m visiting describe this?

I hope this beginner Cydia tutorial and How to use Cydia, will at least help you to get started. In case, if you have any query regarding the same. Feel free to ask us via comment.

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