How To Enable WhatsApp Web on iPhone With Cydia Tweak

Whatsapp launched a while back, and it was compatible with Android devices only. I’m hoping that Whatsapp on iOS will find the Whatsapp web support soon, but there’s no definite time for that. If you are someone like me, who works on their laptop all day, Whatsapp web is a great addon for your Whatsapp experience. Here in this article, we are going to share How To Enable WhatsApp Web on iPhone With Cydia Tweak.

The good news is, and you can trigger Whatsapp for iOS in next couple of minutes with a simple to use Cydia tweak. This is a tweak which was launched a few weeks ago, and it’ll make your iOS Whatsapp web enabled. The tweak is called WhatsApp Web assistant, and it does not require any setting or configuration.

Life would be simpler if you could use your WhatsApp on the internet by accessing the app on your laptop or desktop computer. Until today, iPhone users weren’t provided this facility; if they wished to use WhatsApp on the internet, they had to Jailbreak their apparatus.

We have already dealt with useful info on how to use and install WhatsApp Web with iPhone using WhatsApp web enabler. Though Android users have liked this facility for long, iOS devices are now equipped with WhatsApp web feature.

Enable WhatsApp Web on iPhone

Enable WhatsApp Web For iPhone With Cydia Tweak

Android users have managed to enjoy WhatsApp’s Web interface for a while now, while iOS users have been left longing for the feature. The WhatsApp Web interface permits you to carry on and continue conversations from a web browser on your desktop computer, which is very good for those times when you are seated and working.

Thankfully, there is a way to allow the WhatsApp Web feature directly on the iPhone, but you’ll need to get jailbroken to do so. It’s called WhatsApp Web Enabler, and we’ll explain how to use it in this incremental video tutorial.

WhatsApp Web was first introduced by the company back in January 2015 and was greeted by users of the popular messaging client. However, the functionality was not available to iPhone users, and while the rest of the WhatsApp community enjoyed the benefits of a desktop WhatsApp client, iOS users were left behind – until today. WhatsApp has finally added iPhone support to its WhatsApp Web client, and we have all you will need to know about setting up and using the service.

WhatsApp has long been one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, and it continues to grow in popularity. A recent update introduced the WhatsApp Internet Client, allowing users to get the program on their desktops or Mac computers. It is also available on Android devices but is still missing from iOS. WhatsApp says that constraints in place by Apple stop them from being able to bring iOS users the attribute. However, if you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, a new jailbreak tweak called WhatsApp Web Enabler would help you to get around those restrictions and use the new attribute.

Enable WhatsApp Web on iPhone With Cydia Tweak

  • Make sure you have WhatsApp installed on your iPhone
  • Open Cydia and search for WhatsApp Web Enabler and install it

  • Open the Settings app and find WhatsApp Web Enabler’s preferences > enable the tweak.
  • Force close WhatsApp and reopen it
  • Click on the Settings tab > click WhatsApp Web then > OK.
  • On Computer, go to in your web browser.

  • Scan QR code on the computer and you should be automatically logged into WhatsApp Web.

Hope you liked this article on How to Enable WhatsApp Web on iPhone and Use WhatsApp Web with iPhone without jailbreak. Comment below if you need any help.

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