How to Enable WhatsApp Web For iPhone With Cydia Tweak

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app for smartphones. The copyrighted app requires the use of the Internet to send text messages, pictures, audiovisuals, user locations and audio media messages. To anyone in your contact list and has Whatsapp. How to install WhatsApp on iPhone is a simple task.

You need to have iTunes on your iOS device beforehand, from where you can access the apple app store. Whatsapp shall be only a touch away from there. How to install WhatsApp on iPhone 3 or how to install WhatsApp on iPhone 6 are questions that users usually ask. The answer is the same as any other iPhone, i.e., from the app store!

However, how to install WhatsApp on iPhone 4 for free is a question unanswerable because WhatsApp was switched from a free to paid service to avoid growing too fast, mainly because the primary cost was sending verification texts to users. Although installation has no cost, you get a free trial period after which you need to start paying to use the app.

Enable WhatsApp Web For iPhone

Furthermore, Whatsapp launched recently though it is compatible only with Android devices. This was pretty bad news for iOS users because there hasn’t been any advancement to introduce it for Apple, nor is there any time allocated for it to happen. Well, worry not! Because a computer whiz out there has cracked the code to get for iOS! How to install WhatsApp on iPhone without iTunes? Here are the simple steps:

Step No.1: Jailbreak your device using a jailbreak tool (Information can be found online). Once that is done, install Cydia tweaks and go its store to download Whatsapp.

Step No. 2: Go to the app you have just downloaded and found the settings. The option for Web Whatsapp shall be there, and you only need to press it to continue the process.

Step No. 3: For the next step, you’ll need to connect to your computer. Now you go to the website ( as provided above) and scan the QR code provided on it, with your iOS device. And you’re done. Voila! You can now use the app!

There may be a chance that you get an error while downloading that questions the internet connection. All you need to do is re-check your internet connection to ensure a problem free connection between the phone and the web. Or you can reinstall WhatsApp from Cydia if the problem persists.

Once the app has been downloaded, the fun begins! There are various buttons and settings that you can check out before you begin. Sending files to any WhatsApp user right from you desktop is as easy as ABC now. Furthermore, you can connect your webcam to WhatsApp to send instant pictures to anyone you want.

All you need to be careful of is that the Whatsapp file size sending limit is 16MB, and if you wish to send a larger file, you’ll have to resize it using the internet or any software. Now isn’t that amazing of Whatsapp?

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