How to Download iFile on iPhone without Jailbreak

Phones are the new in-thing because it’s a device that is ‘self-sufficient,’ meaning that it has a wide range of applications, features, and downloads from the Appstore. But, being humans, we need more and more every day; however, Apple doesn’t permit that. Apple only allows you to install apps from the Apple App Store and anything else you want is off limits.

Not only can you have free music to listen to, but you can also download movies to watch or new ringtones to try out. Believe it or not, that code has also been cracked, and here we have the iFile that lets you download any app you want!

Download iFile on iPhone without Jailbreak

One way is to jailbreak your device and download the much needed IFile. However, some users would not like to jailbreak their device due to the damaging effects it can have to your data.

The question arises on how to get iFile without jailbreak. So here we have a really simple way on how to get iFile without jailbreak 2014!

1. Prerequisites:

Because your phone is not jail broken previously, you need to do something before you begin the process of downloading IFile. You need to change the date on your iPhone to exactly a month before than the actual date. E.g., if in the present day it is 20th July 2015, you’ll just make it 20th June 2015.Don’t be afraid that this is how it’s going to stay!

Once you’re done with the installation all you need to do is convert it back to the normal date. This little twinge in this process is only to fool the system a little like jailbreak does to provide excellent results by far!

2. How to get iFile without jailbreak or Cydia

  • Use your IPhone browser to open the website:
  • Add the option that appears on your phone screen.
  • Install openappmkt accordingly; consequently finding the IFile on the app.
  • It’s as easy as that! You now have IFile on your device and that too without jailbreaking.

3. How to get iFile without jailbreak

  • Install the Cydia app on your phone via the instructions.
  • Open up the app on your screen and search for the IFile icon in it.
  • The IFile you want and need to download shall most probably be in the first position of the list of apps that appear. If you are confused, you can check the company online and make sure you download the right app and not a hoax.

Once you download the app, the rest of the process is simple. You only need to open it up, and you can download anything you need on your device.

Nevertheless, Cydia is a paid app most of the times until or unless you find a solution for that as well.

IFile download without jailbreak or computer is very simple as you can see! Since it’s a complete package of fun and ease, increasing number of people are opting this method to access the inaccessible from Appstore Apple.

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