Top 10 Cydia Sources And Repos To Download Cydia Apps

Cydia is a term which is heard from every jailbreak user around the world. Jailbreaking community is expanding its roots as most of the users are aware of jailbreak methods and trying them as they are easy to be followed and can be done in minutes. Many users including me jailbreak Apple iPhone to enjoy Cydia sources, Tweaks and Applications which are exclusively available only in Cydia and can’t be found in normal app store.

After Jailbreaking an iOS device any user jumps directly into Cydia and starts installing the tweaks which either one heard or tried before. Cydia application comes with some pre-loaded sources which you can use right away and those sources come with most of the free as well as paid tweaks hosted. So we thought of writing a post on top 10 Cydia sources/repos to download Cydia apps which would help our users in getting the best out of the device.

Cydia Sources And Repos

Cydia Sources And Repos

As mentioned above Cydia helps you to download applications, tweaks, and themes to customize Apple iPhone the way you want it. You can change the default theme with themes available in Cydia, you can customize lock screen and what not almost anything. But one thing I noticed is that some people are unaware of Cydia Sources as well as how to use Cydia to download tweaks. In this post, we will list down the Top 10 Cydia sources to download Cydia apps.

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Top 10 Cydia Sources And Repos To Download Cydia Apps

Note: You can use this guide to add Cydia Sources to Cydia application which is available on Jailbroken devices and you can’t add them on a non-jailbreak device. Dont follow any youtube videos which show how to install Cydia without jailbreaking.

Cydia sources or repos to download Cydia apps:

1. Bigboss

BigBoss is one of the most used Cydia Repo by almost all users and is the largest Cydia repo serving thousands of paid and free tweaks, themes and you can find almost all tweaks in this repo as developers upload them directly into BigBoss repo. If you have deleted it by mistake, you can add it from the following source:

2. Xsellize

Xsellize is famous among emulated games community. If you are the one who likes to play emulated games and wants to play them on your jailbroken Apple iPhone, Xsellize is your pick. You can get many of the Nintendo, Gameboy or any emulated games and Xsellize repo also offers thousands of tweaks similar to Bigboss repository. You can add Xsellize to your Cydia sources from the below source:


3. Insanelyi

The next pick in out list of Cydia repos to download Cydia apps is insanelyi and it is also the best Cydia source ever with regular updates being pushed to all tweaks. Xsellize sports a good number of tweaks hosted and the number of tweaks are growing day by day. This repository is mostly used by people who love to customize their device. You will get the best tweaks to customize your device. This can be added from the following source:


4. Modmyi

Modmyi is another amazing Cydia repository which comes bundled with Cydia application. Modmyi hosts a lot of themes, tweaks, and mods which will help you to customize your device and this repository is similar to insanelyi. You can try your hands on Modmyi repository using the below source.

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5. SinfuliPhone

If you like trying your hands on cracked applications on your jailbroken device then SinfuliPhone is your pick. SinfuliPhone hosts a number of cracked applications, tweaks, themes etc which can be downloaded and installed right away on your device. It is the best and trusted Cracked Cydia Source which you can try from the following source:


6. Hackulous

Hackulous is one of the oldest and most popular cracked sources. It serves premium stuff for free which are not available elsewhere which makes it stand out of the others. You can find many of the paid applications and themes in this repository for free.

7. iPhone Cake

iPhone cake is another Cydia repository which is famous among iPhone gaming communities like Xsellize. iPhone Cake hosts a lot of games which will end up your boredom. It can also be termed as one of the best gaming Cydia repo. You can try it out using the below source.


8. BiteYourApple

Italy is not only famous for Pasta and Ferraris, it is also famous for BiteYourApple Cydia repository. It is one of the few sources which hosts tweaks for all Apple iPhone ranging from iPod to iPad and beauty is that it supports older Apple iPhone too. It hosts a huge number of tweaks. It is one of the recommended Cydia sources in our list of the best Cydia sources and repos to download Cydia apps.


9. iHacksrepo

iHacksrepo is famous among users who change the themes of their devices regularly. You can get the tweaks like dream board and many other tweaks which will help to customize your device to its fullest. You can try it using below source.

10. FilippoBiga

I bet that 9 out of 10 people never heard of FillipoBiga Cydia source. it is not popular because it doesn’t have thousands of tweaks but it deserves a spot on our list of Top 10 Cydia sources to download Cydia apps. The source hosts some amazing tweaks which are not found anywhere. We advise you to give this Cydia source a try and you won’t get disappointed.

These are some of the best Cydia sources or repos from which you can download Cydia sources and tweak your device in the way you want. Our efforts were to put in front of you the best. If you are aware of some of the other Cydia repos which you believe can enhance Apple iPhone, do let us know through your valuable comments and we will make sure to get your opinion added to the list for the benefit of many others like you.

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