Fix Cydia Size Mismatch Error in iOS 8 and iOS 7

Fix Cydia Size Mismatch Error: Jailbreaking and downloading Cydia is the first thing that 68% of the iOS users do as soon as they buy a new iDevice. Cydia is unarguably the best place to download thousands of tweaks and themes to customize your iOS devices. Usually, iOS gives a seamless, pain-free experience but when you jailbreak, there are some glitches that you may have to deal within the Cydia App. The most irritating problem that users report is the Mismatch error, which occurs while downloading a tweak from Cydia or adding sources.

Just recently when I was downloading some tweaks for Clash of Clans, I encountered this Cydia size mismatch error and wondered how many people would be irritated by this. After trying many things, I found the solution.

If you are one of those people who is facing this issue, we have got you covered. This article will help you fix Cydia size mismatch error on both iOS 8 and iOS 8 operating system.

Cydia Size Mismatch Error

Fix Cydia Size Mismatch error

Solution 1:

So let’s say you are adding a Cydia Repo Source HackYouriPhone and its download size is 1025 KB, but the actual size of repo is less or more than the downloading size, it will give you Size Mismatch error. You can’t go forward from here unless the repo administrator rectifies this.

In such case, simply contact the tweak developer of repo owner and ask them to rectify the same. The contact details are usually given on the tweak page. If they respond to you and say it’s been cleared, you can reinstall the repo and won’t get an error again. If the owner does not reply, the second method to fix Cydia Size Mismatch Error will definitely work out. It did for us.

Solution 2:

If the above solution does not work, which has nothing to do with some network issue on your phone, because the error is in the repository server and not the phone. But if the issue exists in your network settings of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the below workaround will get you rectify the Cydia size mismatch error.

Follow the below steps after turning your WiFi OFF.

  • Go to Settings > General > VPN > Add VPN Connection
  • Now under tab ipsec settings enter below configuration.
    • Description – Hotspot Shield
    • Server -
    • password – j8adhk
    • Account – j8adhk
    • Use Certificates – Off
    • Secret – hss
    • Group Name – hss
  • Save the above settings and Turn on the VPN.
  • Next, turn on the WiFi again and you will see a VPN next to your WiFi icon in status bar.
  • Open Cydia app and try downloading the tweak or repo source which is giving you that nasty Cydia Size Mismatch error. Bingo!

Since you are connected to a VPN network specially made for downloading Cydia tweaks, themes and sources, you will see a dip in download size. Its normal, so fret not! Once you are done downloading the required tweak or repo source, you can turn off the VPN again to gain full download speed.

Remember, turn on the VPN only when you require to download something from Cydia, not otherwise.

If this guide helped you in fixing Cydia size mismatch error, share it with your jailbreak buddies facing this size mismatch issue. Should you have any problem after following this tutorial, do let us know in the comment section below. Got any other tricks or methods? Share your ideas below and we will update this article.

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