Best Cydia apps which works on almost all IOS device

Do you all want a better user interface?? Do you want a theme design which you can customise??  An app which is available in some dollars, but you all want in free?? If you want all the things and more than. To get all those things first, you need to jailbreak your idevice to get all these stuff.  As without jailbreak, you can’t have any feature which can give you above features.  So Cydia downloads or installs Cydia is a must thing to have all these stuffs. Since Cydia got invented by jayfreeman. Cydia accesses the IOS system of your device. By which you can install or download Cydia free apps or Cydia apps on your IOS. So cause Cydia allows cracked apps, cracked games on jailbroken devices only. Cydia free apps are cool to use and beautify your iPhone by its unlimited cool free tweaks and apps. So it’s a must need to jailbreak first to have Cydia free apps on your iPhone.

Best Cydia apps which work on almost all IOS device

As Cydia download allows free apps for your idevice.  So to get Cydia free apps or Cydia apps.  You must have list that will work best for you. So no need to worry I will tell you here the best Cydia apps list which is tested on IOS jailbroken devices IOS7, IOS 8, IOS 6 and so on. So you just enjoy these Cydia app and games which are available on Cydia.

Cydia is an application which we know that without jailbreak we can’t have Cydia. So am I talking about Cydia no jailbreak?? Yes, it not possible without jailbreak. Since Cydia is a beautiful application as we all know and by Cydia we all can use many tweaks on our iPhone. In short, we can use Cydia as a Google feature in our iphone. It gives our a very beautiful user interface. So to those who want to jailbreak their idevice and want to enjoy Cydia are welcome.cydia can not be installed on without jailbreak. People who claim that there is any way that Cydia app Can be download they are fake. There is no way of downloading Cydia without jailbreak. Jailbreak is a demand for all iphone users who want to use Cydia. You know friends many websites on the Internet claims that there is possibility of having Cydia without jailbreak but those who promise to have Cydia no jailbreak they results to show a Cydia icon only not a real app. So my fellow iphone users now you can enjoy cydia on your iphone but after a jailbreak. So friends without wasting time lets get into the topic.


Appcake :

Appcake, as  I have told you already about app cake. Without going in deep, I will tell you this beautiful app cake application allows you to download cracked games, cracked apps in your Iphone. The app cake download can give your iPhone the best user interface if you are an app lover or game lover. But to install app cake, you should have Cydia first in your jailbroken devices. By Cydia your app cake download will be easy and simple. So you may say app cake is a must have application which is available in Cydia app store for the jailbroken iPhone users.


Appaddict is the best alternative to installous app. And you may say it works in the same manner as appcake does. As it also provides free download of cracked games and apps. So if you want this Cydia app, then you may install it on jailbroken devices. Cause as I already told you that any app which is cracked need jailbreak to get download. If not jailbroken than.  It becomes impossible to have cracked apps or cracked games in your iPhone.


Hipstore also provides cracked games and cracked apps for free. As Cydia is the basic need of having any cracked games and cracked apps cause as I already told you cracked apps and games need jailbreak.  So Cydia jailbreak allows your iPhone to get cracked apps and cracked games if they have your system access. It is an installous alternative also. So if you love cracked apps and cracked games which are free.  Then Hipstore also can be a good option or free Cydia app on your iPhone.


Zeusmos is also a best Cydia app to get cracked apps and cracked games. So as it is also an other best of an installous alternative. It is beautiful in design and simple in use.It is tested and works for all IOS 7+ devices. So to those who have this IOS version can have this app. Zeusmos also works and supports IOS 6,  IOS 8, so this IOS version person also can download zeusmos on their jailbreak device.  Zeusmos works on non jailbroken devices it’s a myth. Because as it provides cracked apps and games. So without jailbreak, it’s near to impossible.  So don’t believe on such fake claims those says that it works on non jailbroken devices also.

Conclusion :

These all Cydia apps are tested and proven in order to improve the user interface. And you can trust on these free Cydia app in order to download on your idevice.  As we all know if we jailbreak our iPhone or idevice we lose the warranty of Apple which assure us for not having any virus on our iPhone or IOS version. But since we have jailbroken if we want to get our warranty back than we should unjailbreak our device than only we can achieve the apple warranty back. So friends enjoy these cydia apps. Tell us in a comment how we your user experience.

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