Apple app store- Top 12 best Apple Apps

The apple app store is developed and maintained by Apple Inc. The apple app store is a digital distribution platform for mobile apps some are free; some are paid on IOS. The apps which are available on the app store can be downloaded directly to IOS device. As I told you some apple apps are free, and some apple apps are free of cost.

It supports IOS, iTunes, OS X, window so that you can enjoy apple app store on this platform. Apple says it self that developers earned around $ 40 billion since the apple app launched on 10 July 2008.

Apple apps are the. The charm of Apple app store. We love apple free apps. So we are always in hunt of free apps. So friends here I will share some list of best top 12 apps which you should have on your IOS device. Hope you all will love this collection.

Apple app store- Top 12 best Apple Apps

Apple app store has many apple apps free and paid and easy to download. So here I am going to discuss some best apple apps you should have in your apple app store.

#1 Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site which connects people.  So if you want to download this application through your apple app store. It’s a nice app if you are a Facebook lover.

#2 YouTube

A very famous and highly crowded platform is YouTube. You tube is a application by which you can enjoy unlimited videos on your iPhone.

#3 Google Maps

Google map is a  famous app . It’s a best when you stuck in a place and can’t find a address.  This app works best for the directions. For example if you are going any place which you don’t know, you only have address on a paper or on text you only need to open Google maps. And follow the instructions it will take you till your destination. So it’s a must have app. You can find it in apple app store. It’s a must have app. So download it today.

#4 Skype

Yes! Skype is sort of old and gold thing. As facetime is famous among the iphonusers. But Skype has no competition with anyone.  Skype can be used for video calls if the other user with whom you want to have a video call not having iphone. So it’s a best application who want to make free video calls on Internet charges all around the world.

#5 Flock

Flock is a messenger for the company use. If you are working in a company or anywhere where you work in a team it’s easy for all to manage with flock messenger.  By this you can assign work to your employees and have conversation easily.

#6 WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a messaging app which has now included audio calls, audio messages, chat,p hoto sharing, videos sharing etc. It’s also in news that WhatsApp is about to launch its video calling feature.

#7 Tinder

Tinder is a amazing app for those who love dating. It’s a app where you will see a picture and age. And swipe. If you think someone is hot according to you can chat with him / her.

#8 Instagram

Instagram is a application where you share photos to who you follow and who follows you as well. It’s superfine app. It has privacy policy also so there is like if you want to share your photos to your followers or to public.

#9 Snapchat

Snapchat is application where people share their photos. But it’s fun chatting on Snapchat. So it’s good app for your apple apps.

#10 Yelp

It’s a best app can be used in urban areas. It is a app which will help you decide what to  eat in which restaurant. It is the best for reviews.  Available in free in apple app store.

#11 Untapped

It is a app best for beer lovers. You will find beers and rate them in this application. It’s a wonderful app for those who are beer lover. You can share and pin to your friends any particular bear with your friends.

#12 Ipassword

Ipassword is a application which help your password to be secure and help in remembering the unique password. So it’s a very useful apple app for all the iphone users who love security and securing their password.


Apple app store is a great invention for apple users. I discussed with you all the best apps it should be in your idevice. And I bet you will love these apple apps.

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